Noblex at the Auto Graveyard

I’ve had this Noblex for a few years now. A 135U model that went to the Noblex spa at Noblex Canada in Vancouver to get its drive roller replaced. I also have a Horizon 202 and a borrowed Widelux F7, but the Noblex is really the gem of the swing-lens panoramic cameras that have been made in my opinion. These cameras made in Germany in the 1990s were designed to be a modern iteration of the Widelux. They are electronically-controlled and the drum spins a 360 degree circle vs. the ~140 degree arc that the Widelux and Horizon/Horizont use.

These pictures were taken at a private NJ Auto wrecking yard in southern NJ. The photos were made on Kodak 5222 Double-X, which is a black-and-white motion picture film. The first two were taken inside two cars. One where the doors were missing so I could crawl inside and sit in the back seat. It was a bit creepy, but the photo turned out nice, so it was worth it. The other one was shot inside the rear window.

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