Olympus Pen F/FT Literature

I once had an extensive Olympus Pen F and FT/FV literature archive on my olde site, but deleted it when I moved over to WordPress. I decided to move the files here and make them once again available for downloading. There are pieces of Olympus promotional literature, Importer pamphets, magazine reviews, articles, and Olympus what-not that I’ve collected over the years.

You are free to download them for you own use, but if I find anybody trying to sell the files or pass them off as their own, I really won’t be happy. Most have unique creases, pen marks, etc that make them identifiable. Please don’t do this.

If you want to put thumbnails on your site or in a post, that’s fine, just give me proper attribution and a link to my site so people can find the originals.

Skip Williams

Jan 18, 2021


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