Reflection Photos

I was in Boston for my daughter’s wedding in early December and it rained copious amounts for one day and left nice puddles in the street. These are photos captured with the camera pretty much on the ground I used the Laowa 7.5mm ultra wide angle on my Olympus E-M1.2, as that’s definitely the best for these sorts of photos.

I find that it takes getting very, very low to get anything usable. And all that sky in the background can be very tough to manage, especially when it is white.

This is a series in the making, but first I need better photos. These lack a lot of impact. The second one is better, I think.

Bicycle Reflection 1 – 7.5mm Laowa Olympus E-M1.2
Bicycle Reflection 2 – 7.5mm Laowa Olympus E-M1.2
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