Square Pinhole at the NJ Shore

New Year’s Day 2024. I took a trip to the shore for a group shoot with the Essex Photo Club on NY Day, as is the club custom. We went to Asbury Park, NJ this year, which has a nice shore and boardwalk. It’s seen better days, but it’s also seen worse. The town has been through trials and tribulations and is slowly getting revitalized. The boardwalk was obviously redone, so it’s very new. We got there around 9:00, which is pretty early for New Year’s Day standards, so it was very quiet.

I was using my new Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera with new-to-me Kentmere 100. This film has rapidly become a favorite of mine. It’s only $5-6 a roll, which is much better than FP4 or Delta 100. I was using Fomapan 100 for my pinhole images, but I’ve tired of the crappy reciprocity of Foma and it really gets curly. Kentmere, OTOH, dries flat and although it’s not a premium film like Delta or FP4, it’s probably got a lower silver content, which means it’s not a flexible for variable ISOs. That’s fine with me

This first decent image was of a lone blue sandal on the beach. It sure looked lonely and was a great subject for a camera with a 108 degree FOV, equal to a 13mm lens on 35mm.

Classic beach fencing

One of the boardwalk restaurants was using these bourbon barrels as corners. I had to get close, but it turned out well. Needed some generative fill cleanup in Ps.

These are lights strung for decoration. I really liked the three-way symmetry.

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