Georgia Infrared

I am at my family home in Covington Ga and they had just rolled up the hay into those giant, picturesque round bales. I thought that there has got to be a bunch of photos. I went to the field at around 10:00-11:00 and the light was just not low enough. So I promised myself to g back the next day and try when the sun was peaking over the trees, which is around 9:00 in GA, which is at the western end of the Eastern Timezone. It was wet from the morning dew, but I decided to just get wet.

I had my 7.5mm Laowa super, ultra wide angle on my IR-converted Olympus E-M5.1 with a 720nm filter. My favorite IR combination. The camera is a 590nm converted camera, but I really like shooting either the 720nm or an 850nm filter for their deep black and white IR effects.

Under the Willoaks

Took this one as I walked up and I loved the light through the Willow Oaks with the hay bales in the distance. It’s cropped, not shot as a pano.

Framed Hay

I walked back and forth and this framed shot presented itself, which worked pretty well, I think.

First field shot

I thought this was the best hay bale and shot three pictures of it.

Bale as subject

I thought I might like this one, but the bale just doesn’t have enough interest for me and takes up too much of the frame. I really like this 7.5L lens, but it does smear a bit at the edges.

Final shot in the field

I backed off a little and this one ended up being the best of the shots from the upper section of the field. I shot it a little too tight on the bottom and cut some of the bottom of the hay bale off. So Photoshop Generative Expand to the rescue. I expanded the bottom and as if by magic, the grass and the edge of the bale appeared. Truly amazing tech

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