Georgia Infrared 2

This is the second part of the in-the-hay-field shot that I did with the E-M5.1 Infrared camera. In case you didn’t read the previous post, this is a 590nm converted camera where I’m using a 720nm R72 almost black filter.

Into the Sun

Shot this one right into the sun white it was a little hidden by the clouds. Love the sky and the altocumulus clouds. I wondered down by the fence and got a trio of great shots right after this one

I like the symmetrical nature of this one. Not sure I’m happy with the fuzzy edges however. I probably didn’t stop it down enough. Since it’s a MF, manual Aperture lens, none of the EXIF info is saved with the file, so we’ll never know what aperture it was shot at. Bummer.

Square Shot

I actually took this one as a square shot with the image cropped in-camera. I like it and my IG followers really like it.

Fence pick

I think this one if my favorite of the shots near the fence. I Ike this symmetrical fence corner. I LOVE the double circular flare caused by the lens. It’s certainly not added in post, that’s for sure

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