Apalachicola Day 3 – The Color Red

Much of the town of Apalachicola is in a bit of disrepair with the pandemic and the changing climate on the gulf coast. One year, the tourists are flocking there, the next they stay on St George’s Island or go elsewhere. This means the allure of the slow, fishing village, river life is lost on many. These photos are of a hotel right on the river next to town that looks like a great location. I found an Article here that said it was bought out of bankruptcy in 2020. I also heard that one of the developers died, but I don’t know if that was before the sale or after. But when the pandemic hit in mid-2020, any near-term future of rehab and construction went down the tubes. The place now sits abandoned. Studs, electrical, and some plumbing in for hotel rooms, but it’s all open to the elements, rotting away in the Florida sun and the likely animal intrusion, to say nothing of the local vandalism.

But it some nice pink/maroon features that make for nice photos. Hopefully one day it’ll get fixed.

American Flag Door
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