Apalachicola Day 2 – IR in the park

Still in Apalachicola, Florida. There is a city park in town right next to the bayshore with wonderful, ancient live oak trees that I like to go photograph, as they offer nice possibilities. There are also these great streetlights that I actually have never noticed. I found a few nice compositions with the lights, and being late in the day, the lights came on and I found some even nicer photos with the light on as you see below. To me, there are two IR shots to be had here, one set during the middle of the day when the sky is super blue and the foliage has lots of reflected IR, and one set when the lights come on. Also, this is early in the year, so the leaves are not fully grown out yet, which will also change things. This was March, so the foliage is thinner

Infrared Tree
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