Apalachicola Day 1

Took a two week sojourn to Apalachicola Florida where my family has been visiting since the 1960’s. Spent a quiet 2 weeks working, looking after our house, and taking photos of the town and surrounding area. Most of these photos are of the town, which is very small with only about 2,500 residents. It is a historic fishing village with no beaches. The beaches are over on the St. George barrier island accessible by the bridge. That’s where most of the money is aside from one nice area with nice houses on the bay side of town. The actual town area is about 6-8 blocks x 4 blocks long. The main street is nice, but time has not been kind to many areas. Hurricanes blow through from time-to-time and many of the houses and businesses off the nicer areas are a bit run down, in need of repair, under construction, victims of failed construction, or outright falling down. This makes for lots of interesting urban decay photos, which is my specialty. There will be a few blog posts here for my stay. Enjoy

Map of Apalachicola Bay and surrounding area
GA O’Keefe Door Handle – The handle eroded and re-nailed over ane over
222. Lots of interesting, almost monochromatic elements.
Pink Lever – Detail from 222 above. I like the faded red handle, now pink from the Florida sun
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