The Lone Palm

So you’re driving around rural, central Florida hunting for photographs in the middle of the day. It’s hot, the shadows are harsh. There almost nothing out there. But I see this lone palm tree on a random road in Bradenton, FL. There are trucks whizzing by. I stop on the side of the road and take this photo. One lone palm tree in front of a pasture.

I break rules
– NO “rule of thirds”.
– I put the subject right smack in the middle (but I do plan to crop this square).
– I shoot in the harsh light of mid-morning

But in the end, I really like this photo. To me it conveys the ethos of this area. Rural, wide open spaces,

Olympus EM1 12-40/2.8…..AS USUAL

The Lone Palm – Olympus EM1.2, 12-40/2.8
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