Construction Art

I have become attracted to something I don’t think many people pay attention to, construction equipment. My family was in the contracting, land development, and building materials industry for all of my childhood. So I was around lots of big equipment, Dozers, Excacators, Frone-End tracked loaders, Lifts, Tractors, Back-Hoes, etc. I have taken to stopping whenever I have time at random construction pieces, almost always between jobs or parked on a weekend. The yellow, orange, or other bright colors are really irresistible to me.

Where else can you find such bright colors, strong lines, graphs, geometric shapes, or bold lettering? Below are a smattering, but I’m putting a category on my site now so they’ll be easier to find.

Below: Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. A beat up Caterpiller 311B Excavator at HIghlands NJ. It had been either hit by other pieces, run into, dropped, or who knows. Many of these pieces are rental equipment, which usually has a hard life.

2. Next to the Cat 311B there was a VERY well-used lifting crane. I loved the orange light.

3. On the underside of the crane was some sort of measurement scale. I think it was a tilt-angle. This was shot straight up.

4. On an impromptu shoot in Porterdale GA, an old mill down, there were several pieces. I can’t remember what each was. Lots of yellow though.

5. A cherry-picker / man-lift. One of those with the controls on the lift bucket.

6. And a random piece at the same Porterdale site. I can’t remember what it was.

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