Mundane objects transformed in 850nm IR

So you have 20 minutes before a doctor’s appointment. What do you do? Do you stick your nose in your phone? Or do you take that camera that you brought with you and do something with it? Of course, I went walking.

I brought my Olympus E-M5 Infrared camera with a new-to-me $25 850nm filter from Ali-Express. It came and had no edge marking, so I had to make a little thin label, or I’d never remember what this super-dark filter was.

I walked by this professional building and saw black, concrete-filled car barriers with dark green bushes in front of a white fence. When you have an IR camera with such a stark filter like an 850nm, you have to think differently. I knew that the bushes would render white against the white fence and I’d get something interesting. And with a mirrorless camera, you can see that live. Below is the result, which I really, really like. I love the symmetry

Stark 850nm IR Bushes
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