Half-Frame – More goodies with the Canon Demi

More frames from my Canon Demi EE17. This is a very nice half-frame camera. The more I use it, the more I like it. Nice bright finder. Auto-exposure via SS-preferred. Yes, it’s a zone-focus camera, so no rangefinder. But that’s not a huge issue, at lease not for me. The AE has been very good for me. I have a CRIS adapter in it to convert for the PX625 battery. I especially love the first one with it’s shadows.

All photos with bulk-loaded Kodak 5222 Double X in HC110 B. My favorite emulation combo right now. The images are sharp and well exposed.

I have had issues with the back popping open. It probably needs some solvent around the latch and then a little lubricant. Right now I just tape it closed with the ever-useful 3M Opaque Photo Tape. I also use a Peak Design wrist strap, as there aren’t any neck lugs.

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