Pinhole @ the Beach

Went to the beach in September and only took one camera aside from my phone, my little Chroma.Camera 35mm film pinhole camera. I’ve had mediocre results with this camera, but maybe I need to think differently about it. I took it down to the water in Sea Girt, NJ where the ocean shore has nice scenics. I focused on abstract, simple images like these, where I only took photos of the water and the surf. I decided to use Ilford Pan F+ film, which I hoped would help with fine detail. This is the result, at least the first of a couple of posts.

FYI, the camera was a little bit finicky to work with. I’ve got the first version with Steve Lloyd’s pinhole, which is OK. Also, I found that winding the film tended to cause the body to flex, which introduced light leaks. So I taped it up with my favorite 3M Opaque Photographic tape. But the frames all have this little bleed over where the light comes around the winding mechanism. I was never happy with the sharpness nor the lack of a clean black frame. So I complained to Steve lloyd and he is replacing the camera, gratis. Such nice customer service.

The first one was a picture of the surf and the reflections of the sun. I metered with Pinhole assist, as I always do. I think the exposure was around 6 seconds, if I remember right. I like how the reflection lines dance around the frame. And I LOVE the square format.

Chroma.Camera Cube

More simplicity.

Chroma cube at the beach 2

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