What I do and why. . . . .Oh, and one more Infrared of the Hay Field

So i thought that I was finished with the photos of the hay field, but this one was sitting in my “To Post” pile and I just had to put it up. I know almost no one reads this BLOG, but I still use it to post the images that I feel are my favorites and show my growth in photography. 2023 has been a good year for me for photos and I’m really, really pleased at what I’ve done. There’s nothing that’s going to win a national photo contest, but I don’t shoot stuff that would win those awards anyway

– No overly processed landscapes with HDR and obvious heavy editing
– No long exposure photos of a dock on a lake or waves crashing on a beach
– No exquisite pictures of a duck or an osprey carrying a fish
– No photos of a poor starving child in some far away land
– No images of racial injustice or protests against some bad corporate citizen
– No nude models in raking light with wonderful skin curves
– No close up bugs or exquisite 1/2mm tall micro-fungi

I just do urban landscapes, Light and shadow, Infrared landscapes, plants growing on bricks, FDC connections, abstracts, etc. I photograph what I see. I use an old camera with film. I use a digital camera. I use a pinhole. I use a phone

I take what I like, what motivates me, what is in front of me

Of course, this list of no-no’s may change, except the nudes, that’s NOT happening.

Like this photo of the same hay field scene, but taken right into the sun. This 7.5mm ultra wide angle lens has lovely rendering flare and I really have grown to like it after this session with an IR 720mm Olympus E-M5.1, a camera from 2012. Not the latest fancy full-frame model. Not the one that does 100 MP.

One more IR Image
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