Yale Bricks & Railing

Walking around Yale University for the New Haven Road Race I happened upon this little stairway down to a basement on a random Yale building. It was a little dull, but I bumped up the saturation a little to bring out the colors, especially the green splotches, which are probably algae.

This is, as usual, taken with my Olympus E-M1 mk2 with the superb 12-40/2.8 lens. This is really a fabulous lens that is so very versatile. I carry this lens along with a 7.5mm Laowa and possibly a 60 macro of a 40-450/4. But given the 12-40’s great performance close up, the 60 Macro is usually just extra weight unless I really want the best quality. And I rarely use the wonderful long lens, unfortunately.

Yale railing – E-M1.2 12-40
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