Sprockets in Atlanta

Sprocket photos from Atlanta. This is 35mm, Double XX film in my Lomo LC-A 120. I did make the mistake of not setting the focus before the shot, which I find is the most irritating aspect of this camera. Because it’s so much of a Point-and-Shoot camera……and it’s viewfinder camera, i.e. no rangefinder, it’s very easy to forget to focus.

What I need to do is develop a better routine when shooting these sorts of cameras, i.e. those with no focusing aid. With a rangefinder patch or an SLR’s focusing screen, it’s super-intuitive to remember to focus, or something is amiss in the finder. With a VF camera, you don’t have any indication or reminder. And with the LC-A 120, it’s worse, IMO, as it only has 4 zones for focusing.

With the LC-A 120, I also find that you have to be careful shooting it in low light. What happens is that the program is set to open up the aperture as quickly as possible. I have figured out how do a test, but I do notice that if you shoot it in low light, you really have to expect it to vignette. What you can’t do is shoot slow speed film in low light and expect the camera to use f/5.6 or f/8; that isn’t going to happen. Either you shoot in bright light, use high-speed film, or deal with the issues of a wide open, crappy lens.

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