Panorama Fountain – Noblex

I got a couple of nice photos on Seneca Lake with my Noblex 135 panoramic camera a few weeks ago. Delta 100 film shots. Required some multi-image scans and Ps compositing to hold detail in the fountain and the shadows both. These were taken on the Noblex 135U camera. I had to scan them twice, once for the shadows and once for the white fountain and blend them in Photoshop to get something usable. There was plenty of detail in both. There was a TON of white spots to fix, but the Photoshop Dust/Scratch filter handled most of that. I will have to use the Silverfast D&S module next time to do a comparison.

2022-10-09 Geneva-on-the-Lake Fountain. Noblex 135
2022-10-09 Geneva-on-the-Lake Fountain Noblex 135U
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