Industrial Still Life

The more and more that I hunt for colorful, rusty, industrial details, the more I find. I find them much more satisfying than the beauty of flowers and they don’t move or blow in the wind, which is a big plus. These taken with a combination of my iPhone and my trusty Olympus E-M1.2 with the 12-40/2.8

First three:

In rural FL around Bradenton, I found an unfinished development on a street some 1/4 mile long. The first three photos were details of a piece of water management piping, not installed yet. The rusty bolt in particular was a great find. What I didn’t bring was a diffusor to soften the super-harsh, mid-day FL sun. Leason Learned.

Next two:

In Universal Studios sometimes you end up waiting for your family to go on a ride you don’t enjoy. This was one of those cases and I was sitting on a bench. Next to me was a well-worn, blue trash can. It has a recycling cutout on the top and had great rust patterns. These two photos were the result. The first looks like some map of the world, whereas the second, with its bottle-shaped cutout, usually mystifies people as to its identity.


In Porterdale, GA, there was a rusty sign with holes in it. A bit boring….but behind were cars. One was a red car. With very careful positioning, I found that I could capture a specular, out-of-focus reflection from that red car through the hole in the rusty panel. This is not a composite, but a found/made photo.

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