6×17 bench

I was walking around a local park and had my Reality So Subtle 6x17cm camera. It’s a super high quality pinhole camera that shoots super wide images with a curved film plane. It’s not a swing-lens camera, but the pinhole covers it all. There is a tiny bit of vignetting, but not a lot.

I found this nice lady sitting on a park bench next to the lake and asked her if I could take her photo from behind, because I loved her hair. I really like the picture. As far as focus, I was a little too close. You can see that the back of the bench is in focus, but her hair is not. I did not record the camera-to-subject distance, but that’s something I’ll have to do later. I also would image that I could push the film back a bit with thin tape to get it to focus closer.

In the end, I thought that it was a good first attempt for a new camera, especially one that needs careful setup to produce the best results

Here are photos from the RSS site to let you see what this beast looks like

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