Holiday Bulb

Another photo from my random walk around a restaurant in Rittenhouse. I think it was the Green Egg Cafe? It was the daytime and they had all these decorative bulbs hanging out over their outside patio. It was too cold for outside eating and the tables were stacked on top of each other in “storage”, but the strings of these lights remained. They were overhead at around 7’, so I had to stretch to get a bunch of shots. Some like this one were in a sunbeam and there was a dark background. I took probably 10-15 photos trying to get a nice background. This one was the best. Of course, it needed some work to isolate the subject in post, but I think that it turned out rather nice.

Olympuse E-M1 mk 2 12-40/2.8

Light Bulb – Olympus EM-1 mk 2 12-40/2.8
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