6×6 with the LC-A 120

Had the lightweight, plastic-fantastic Lomo LC-A 120 out in Boston a few weeks ago and this is rapidly becoming a favorite camera of mine. Yes, I would love a Hasselblad SWC, but I don’t have $2,000+ burning a hole in my pocket.

The LCA120 (Yes, I know that not the exact name, but I like it) is one of those cameras you need to understand. It’s got ASA from 100-1600, IIRR and no intermediate speeds. No SS or Aperture control. 4-zone focus. The exposure is a fixed program which seems to prioritize wider apertures as the light fails. So as long as there’s good light, all is good. But at the light fails, you have to be careful.

The camera wants to keep the SS as high as possible for as long as possible. It’s only got a f/4.5 lens. So with lower light, you get the issues that arise with that inexpensive lens, less sharp and vignetted images. If I want small apertures, I put in 400 film.

LCA120 Boston Subway

Great shot of the Orange line entry gate in downtown Boston down by the Boston Common.

LCA120 Boston Bicycle

A random bicycle on Milk St, IIRR. A little overexposed, but with a little work in Lr, it came out pretty nice.

LCA120 Boston Skyline

This one was by the church on Washington St. I think this really shows how good the 38mm lens is. I pulled some of the detail out of the shadows, but it’s very good all around

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