5 Frames with a Nikon F3

Bought a Nikon F3 a few months ago from Goodwill in Wisconsin for $300 total shipped. It looked nice, but I was unexpected for HOW nice. It was in a nice brown ever-ready case that had probably been on the camera since new. The only rubs were next to the strap lugs, otherwise it was pristine. No service, No cleaning. It’s is a great camera and I LOVE the HighPoint finder as it’s the only film SLR that I’ve ever owned that I can see the whole finder.

I loaded it up with a roll of bulk-rolled Kodak 5222 Double-XX (my current favorite film) and took a long time to find subjects. These were mostly of a piece of equipment. There was a giant trencher parked on my street that was being used to dig new trenches for gas line replacement. It was there over a weekend and I thought that it might offer some subjects.

I like the first one the best. The last one is from a walk around Hoboken, NJ

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