Hang Tag

I think I’m in love with this image. I know it’s just a mundane photo of a commercial electrical box’s security tag. But it’s sharp with a great shallow DOF. The B&W tones are wonderful. The lighting is nice. The background nicely dark.

The stupid tag was blowing around in the wind and I’m actually surprised it was as sharp as it was. Taken on digital with my E-M1.2 with the always stellar 12-40/2.8 wide open.

Electrical Box Tag

I also took this one about 2 feet from the black-and-white photo. It’s nice, but the background is pretty messy and I don’t like it overall as much as the SEAL tag.

You know, just what I need, another set of subjects to take……Oh the other hand…..This could make a very interesting gallery.

Blue Hang Tag
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