Urban Minimalism

Minimalistic images. Most minimalistic images that I see in the magazines or websites are more often than not of nature scenes, long docks out on the water, lone trees, a single subject on a long exposure of water or similar shots. Those don’t present themselves to me much because I don’t go to such places with the limited time that a working life affords me.

So I wonder around urban scenes, the backs of storefronts, etc. If I look long enough, lots of scenes present themselves like the two below. The left on was on the back of a store in Morris Plains, NJ. The wall was white stucco, but for some reason they left several peek-a-boo spots with bricks which I’m assuming underlying the stucco. Why? I think it was intentional, as there are more than one and it does not appear that it’s random.

The second photo was of a security light on the back of a diner on Rt 46, I think in Totowa. The wall was this interesting taupe color, which stood out against the red bulb. The people I was with at the time were photographers, but asked me WTH was I taking a photo of on the side of a diner wall? Once this one was displayed in a local forum, they understood.

Both taken with my Olympus E-m1 mk 2 and the ever-useful 12-40/2.8 Zuiko.M

Olympus E-M1.2 12-40/2.8
Olympus E-M1.2 12-40/2.8
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