Abstract – What is it?

I shot this photo in Boston with my iPhone and it really struck me as very cool. I posted the photo and a local group and asked people what it was. Nobody really knew, as it’s completely out of context. See if you can figure out what it is before I put the answer and a contextual shot below

Abstract iPhone 14Pro

This is the place where the shot was taken……….I didn’t include the actual object. Can you guess now?

iPhone 14Pro Wide lens (15mm)

The Photo is of a metal, concrete-filled guard post like the one on the left of the photo. The post that was the subject of my abstract photo is on the right side of this photo, off camera. It’s right at the corner of this little alley and protects trucks from scraping the corner of the building. But in the process of doing its job, it obviously got a lot of impact, scrapes, etc and the paint of each truck rubbed off on the pole, tearing off the yellow paint, exposing the bare metal to rust, and sometimes leaving behind some of its own paint.

Seems like many of the trucks were blue, LOL.

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