Rusty Window Guard

I think about wondering around towns and hunting for photos and wonder “Why?”. I’ve been drawn to this sort of photography for more than 40 years. Started with my Olympus OM SLRs in the 1970s. Back then it was flowers or insects. These days, while I love flowers, I find them so repetitive as portrait subjects. I need to more impressionistic flower photos; or Infrared flower or landscapes, but my hankering is currently focused on urban landscapes, details, geometry, color, detritus. There are a LOT of subjects out there that change with the day; with the light; with the camera.

Like this one – just a rusty guard over a store rear window in Westfield. I do wish that the background and colors were a little better or more interesting, but that can’t be changed. The light is nice. The subtle colors or the rust are especially nice with the raking light. So overall, I give it a B. I don’t know if the light ever hits this window to hide and darken the background. I’ll have to go back.

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