Westfield Urban Color

This year, my favorite photo venues have definitely been urban areas. I’d love to go in more run-down areas, but these days, safety is a real concern and I almost always photograph alone, so those two things don’t go together. An upper-middle-aged white guy driving a nice car in a run-down, urban neighborhood with a camera. That just a recipe for the small chance encounter that I don’t want to have.

So I will wonder around nice, Northern NJ towns and take photos of what I see. The best stuff, as I’ve said elsewhere, is not the front of the storefronts, but either in the back where the employees park, the garbage is thrown out, or the supplies come it. Much more interesting. And for marginal towns, 1-2 blocks off the Main Street, like in Apalachicola, FL, definitely yields the best photos. There are a bunch on the site taken with the LC-A 120 or the Noblex, but these are color photos taken with my mirrorless Olympus E-M1 Mk 2.

The one below I especially like. The members of a local club also liked them and a bunch of people said “You should put that in a frame.” A contest judge? Not so excited, LOL. Thought it needed more….something. I liked the minimalistic nature, no matter what a so-called Judge said.

Vine on the wall
Rockin’ Joes Door
Green & Pink
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