Winter Canoes in X-Ray

More fun with the Lomo L-A 120. This time with FPP X-Ray film, an orthochromatic, medical X-Ray film cut down to 120 size and format. I exposed it at ISO 100 and developed it in HC110-Dilution B at the recommended 6 min. The negatives were nice, but boy were they dense. So next time I’ll cut the ISO to 200 (1 stop less) and cut the development by 1 minute.

The canoes are dark green, while the wood planks are teak-colored brown, even they show almost the same tonality. I not only love the patterns, but the delicate tonality of the scratches on the canoes. The lack of an anti-halation backing makes the highlights glow. It was a cloudy day, so that really tamed the shadows.

I really just love the soft differences. The first photo is a lot better than the second one, IMO

This one is taken at the Cranford Canoe Club in Cranford, NJ. It was in February, 2003, so the canoes were stored for the winter.

LC-A 120 Cranford Canoe Club
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