Psychedelic Cans

Was walking around the town of Westfield, NJ with a couple of black and white film cameras and came upon this scene of a bunch of cans destined for recycling. The Westfield Fire Department has a giant wire-framed container with soda cans destined for charity recycling. I forgot to look whether there were any beer cans, but most are soda cans. I didn’t have a color camera, but I did have my iPhone 14Pro. Took a few photos, both close up without the giant container and some with the rust-red/orange container. The ones with the container net were much better, much more texture. I bumped up the saturation a bit and then went into TangeldFX on my iPad. And used one of my own presets. Then a few more tweaks of the slider and they were done. I love the abstract nature of the photos. Sent one to an abstract-oriented, hyper color oriented show and hopefully it will sell.

Cans 1
Cans 2
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