A Foggy Day

It’s 12/31/22, New Year’s Eve, and I get up and I remark that the fog is real thick today, something VERY unusual here in North-Central New Jersey. It requires a cold front pushing ocean moisture up on top of us and some cool air leaking in to condense the copious amounts of water vapor in the air into fog. My wife says “You should go take photos of this”. I thought Yes, I should, because it will be gone in a flash. Well it wasn’t gone. It lasted many hours and I wish I had gone an hour or two earlier. But it was great. This is just our local circular park where people walk, but it was great. I took my Noblex 135U film panoramic camera and the Olympus E-M1

Noblex 135 | Kodak Double XX film

Took this one when I got out of the car. It’s usually a super boring “forest”. There is a road beyond and usually has no texture. This image had depth and no main subject, another favorite of mine. It needs to be big to get the impact. One judge didn’t like it because of the business and no subject. YES! That’s the point.

Noblex 135 | Kodak Double XX

I walked out to the soccer field this tree was there, standing by itself. I shifted the Noblex up 4mm to move the horizon down a bit and intentionally include both the bottom of the tree and a few branches. I could have stepped back a little and in hindsight, probably should have done that too, but this one worked really well.

Loved these two with the people walking, the curing road, and the trees arch in over. For the left one, a judge at a competition disliked the tree on the right only being 1/2 included and I should have cropped out the lower right hand asphalt. No, no no. I wanted the 1/2 a tree and I wanted the road curving from the lower left corner. Judges are NOT always right. See the right one with the tree included? It takes over the scene and you don’t focus on the single walker. While I like the subtle red color on the leaves, I like the other one better.

E-M5 | 12-40/2.8

A two-shot panorama. Loved the wide perspective of the foggy trees.

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