Sometimes the best camera is your phone

So the mantra with many notable photographers is to Always have a Camera with you. If you travel for business, like I do, you can’t really take a camera everywhere. It’s just not practical and you have explain to your boss, colleagues, and clients why you have a nerdy camera with you. So I don’t do that and won’t unless I have a chance to make a pre- or post-trip on my own.
So the modern equivalent is the smartphone. They take as good a pictures as most digital cameras for normal photos, shockingly good.

Umbrellas – iPhone X

This was a photo taken at the Orlando Renaissance Hotel on a business trip. On my way to dinner with clients, I looked down from the 10th floor and saw a very interesting set of lights that were covering conversation kiosks in the lobby of the hotel. Would have liked to have my “real” camera, but that wasn’t to be, so I used my iPhone X, not the latest 13. I couldn’t use the stock iPhone Camera app, because there’s no control, so I used Camera+. I could get just the right exposure with that app to properly expose the umbrellas. Below is the original photo before I cropped and cloned distractions out.

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