Belfast Ireland

Traveling in Belfast for the Irish dancing world championships. It’s a very nice city, much like Dublin but colder. Planned to go out to the National Heritage Site “The Giants Causeway” up on the north coast of Northern Ireland but it was cold yesterday…barely 40 degrees, and the locals cautioned. Us that up on the exposed coast it is really cold …. really cold! And the walk from the parking lot to the water is quite a ways. My family would have frozen. It was a good thing we didn’t go.

Flying into Belfast. Olympus EP1 w zuiko 45/1.8














We went to the newly (5 days ago!) opened Titanic Exhibit which has been under construction for 2 years. We also didn’t know about the thing and the tickets are 100% sold out for the next 11 days!! :-((. Here’s all I got

Olympus EP1 w zuiko 12/2














Building a photo exhibit w sand in a mall

Olympus EP1 w zuiko 17/2.8

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