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Last updated 08/30/01

Software Resources


Panorama Tools - Helmut Dersch's fabulous, free toolset
A. German site - main site, latest version
B. Norway site - includes fisheye support, housed outside the EU far from iPIX lawyers


PTGUI - Joost Nieuwenhuijse's great Windows-based graphical front-end for Panorama Tools


PanoGuide - Nice guide to all types of commercial panorama software and tools - James Rigg
Review of Panorama Tools:


bulletPeter Murphy - Handheld stitching tutorial & lens calibration
bulletKathy Wheeler - Handheld stitching tutorial
bulletPhilippe Hurbain - Tutorials, folded paper spheres, and more.  Great stuff.
bulletJohn Houghton's PTGui tutorial and hints
bulletLutz Kretzschmar - Stitching Panoramas with PTGUI, Panorama Tools, and an Olympus digital camera
bulletThe PTools Absolute Beginners Guide
bulletBen Kreunen's great Panorama Tools tutorial.  Soon to be updated (8/1).
(New version, temporary location)


Galleries & Resources

bulletPeter Murphy - Australia.  Many nice panoramas.
bulletAndrew Nemeg - Superb VR site with equipment articles, images, techniques, etc.
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Galleries -
bulletPanoGuide Gallery
bulletSphereCam Images
bulletPonyBoy's VR Links page
bulletBen Kreunen - Australia - very nice images from Victoria & other states


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